What is DAVTOOL?

Davtool is a command line style tool which can perform WebDAV methods. We can use davtool for WebDAV batch work. It is similar to wget. While wget can perform only the GET method, Davtool can perform all WebDAV methods.

WebDAV is an extension to HTTP that allows remote collaborative authoring of Web resources, defined in RFC 2518.

For example, you can do PROPFIND using davtool:

Shell>> davtool  http://ocean.cse.ucsc.edu/repos -mPROPFIND 
You can use several options to specify username, password, input file, output file, and etc.
  -u, --username username
  -p, --password password
  -o, --outfile  outputfile
  -i, --infile   request_body_file
  -d, --depth    depth 
  -m, --method   method (Default: GET)
  -t, --type     content-type (Default: text/xml) 

How to compile

  • Download latest version : davtool-0.1.0.tar.gz
  • Unzip and untar
  • ./configure;make;make install

    How to join the project

    Davtool is an open source project under GPL. You can join our project as a developer. Please visit our project home page, http://sourceforge.net/projects/davtool
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